DORNER Health IT Solutions

You have your patients in view - DORNER your IT.

Wherever information is created, managed, processed and communicated in the health care system, DORNER offers efficient IT solutions. Individually adapted and modularly combinable.

Software solutions for laboratory, clinic, doctor, patient and healthcare

Complex challenges require precision and adaptability: For 40 years, DORNER has been one of the leading providers of IT solutions in the healthcare sector.

At more than 10,000 workplaces, modules from DORNER make daily work in clinics, laboratories and medical care centres easier, more efficient and safer. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.

Our products are system neutral with regard to all medical standards. Whether in the laboratory, in the hospital or in the connected medical practices: DORNER software solutions appear wherever practical IT solutions for the medical sector are required. They bridge interfaces, network systems and yet often remain invisible, as they can be seamlessly integrated into the existing system architecture and are firmly integrated between software components from different manufacturers.

The modular structure of our solutions as well as the open, hardware and platform-neutral architecture enable an implementation into an existing IT infrastructure.

We work with an eye for the big picture. This includes all measures of installation, commissioning and maintenance of the IT systems.

DORNER means for you: Efficient and uncomplicated working from the first day on.



DORNER Health IT Solutions

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