Health IT Podium

16.09. in Müllheim

Health IT Podium 1

The first "Health IT Podium" was an enlightening success!

Ms. Diana Stöcker, Member of the Bundestag and full member of the Health Committee of the Bundestag, talks about the KHZG and other political impulses for our health care system.

Dr. Pierre-Michael Meier, Managing Director of the renowned Entscheiderfabrik, will moderate. As an expert on digitization issues in the healthcare sector, he knows better than anyone about the funding opportunities and impossibilities surrounding the KHZG.

But see for yourself:

Health IT Podium now

Training at DORNER

An exclusive insight from our recent graduates!

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Who goes to the sports physician?

Sports medicine? - Who goes there?

We asked at the Charité in Berlin: Who actually goes to a sports physician and when exactly?

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Advantages of the DORNER Order Entry

Why do you actually need a digital laboratory portal? Or to put it another way: What are the advantages of using our DORNER Order Entry?

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scan2 - Product innovation at the DMEA

More patient safety with bedside scanning device from DORNER.

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Cooperation in medical billing - DORNER and MLL

The demands on our IT solutions usually do not stop with the successful installation.

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Digitisation Thumbnail

Digitalisation in the health sector

As a developer of software solutions for the healthcare sector, we have had our finger on the pulse of digitalisation for 40 years.

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GfH Annual Conference 2022

We cordially invite you to the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Human Genetics!

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Privacy - Thumbnail

Data protection - Are DORNER portals secure?

Data protection enjoys a very high priority, especially for all medical data.

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BZ article

BZ: 40 years of digitisation with DORNER

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary, the Badische Zeitung reported about us and our deep roots in the region.

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Thumbnail video interview

Corona vs. competitive sports

What impact do the measures around COVID have on competitive sport? What is the connection between sporting activity and a supposed course of the disease?

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