LIMS for transfusion medicine

[B/Lab] covers the entire workflow from blood grouping to the management of different blood components. In immunohaematology you can determine all the patient's blood group characteristics and differentiate antibodies.

[B/Lab] - The LIMS for transfusion medicine.

[B/Lab] completely maps the documentation of all processing steps. From the purchase of canned food to the transfusion. The batch documentation ensures a high degree of transparency and traceability of the processes. With [B/Lab] you receive a complete documentation of all processing steps with quick access to the corresponding details. The history of the current patient allows you to evaluate current results in context. In addition, you can call up the status of blood products already administered.

Whether it is the management of preserves, blood grouping and antibody differentiation including counter-reading, or the management of own blood products: [B/Lab] automatically documents all work processes with time information as well as processors and thus guarantees complete transparency. When creating a new order, the software automatically displays existing autologous blood donations. The dynamic entry screen indicates at any time upcoming tasks for reading and counter-reading as well as the imminent loss of preserves. In addition, the cross-depot and cross-location search function offers a particularly simple and fast look-back procedure for all canned blood and blood plasma products.