CoVLAB: Corona test result in just one hour!

In cooperation with the University Medical Center Mannheim, the Baden-Württemberg Foundation has initiated a mobile corona test laboratory in a converted 40-ton truck that can be used to travel to a wide variety of destinations. Those tested receive their results on site within one hour.

This is an innovative approach.

- Guido Wolf, Minister of Justice of Baden-Württemberg

With our software we were also allowed to contribute to the success of "CoVLAB":

Dear Dorner team,I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent and extremely pleasant cooperation on the "CoVLAB-Truck" project. The project is running very well in terms of LIS connections, pooling tool and retrieval of findings reports from the findings server. This is a remarkable achievement, especially considering how little time there was for so many details.Many thanks!

- Michael Neumaier, Institute for Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital Mannheim


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