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Welcome to the "showroom" of DORNER Health IT Solutions at this year's DMEA sparks!

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Interview Organizer

Britta Wolters from DMEA sparks in an interview: What's different this year - also for us exhibitors - you can find out from her in this video!

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digital health innovations

The analysis of pedigrees is one of the oldest methods of hereditary research in humans. It is still a popular method today, usually performed as part of genetic counselling prior to a molecular or cytogenetic examination. In our solution for genetics, the family tree can be created, edited and extended at any time with just a few clicks. In this video we show you how this is possible thanks to our DORNER Workflow Engine.

Digital Communication Solutions in Healthcare

The Office of Corrections of the Canton of Berne in Switzerland manages a total of nine prisons and correctional facilities where inmate management software is already in use everywhere. Various disciplines, such as the medical service or the psychiatric service, had requirements for the software with their actors, such as nurses or doctors, which exceeded the existing functional scope. An excellent opportunity for us to show once again how the DORNER workflow engine can be used to build exactly these bridges that are missing elsewhere.

digital health innovations

An invitation to tender from the field of travel medicine requires, among other things, a description of how we would replace the anamnesis already in use.

Another opportunity to draw attention to the advantages of our Workflow Engine.

Apps & Wearables

The current corona pandemic presents us with unprecedented challenges worldwide. Nowhere is this more evident than in the healthcare sector. Information technology has become an indispensable part of the management of these challenges. In response to an inquiry, we submitted an app in only one week thanks to our DORNER Workflow Engine.

The Civil Protection App is again one of many solutions based on our web-based DORNER Workflow Engine.