Electronic patient filein the penitentiary

In keeping with the conference slogan of the Prison Forum "Digital change in the prison system - are we ready?", we presented CEPOLplus at the Prison Forum of the Swiss Competence Centre for the Prison System ( SKJV ):
  • Medical file with possible interface to Gina Web, laboratory, accounting centre etc.
  • Clear presentation
  • Protected area for psychiatrists
  • Regulations incl. Integration Compendium
  • Dates and tasks
  • Relocations
  • Remote access to the file on call or from external physicians
  • No paper is required. Readability = great advantage
  • Data protection can be granted. Access regulation
  • Easy to install. Little effort when connecting additional locations


The Office of Corrections of the Canton of Berne manages a total of nine prisons and correctional facilities where inmate management software is already in use everywhere. Various disciplines, such as the medical service or the psychiatric service, had requirements for the software with their actors, such as nurses or doctors, which exceeded the existing functional scope. An excellent opportunity for us to show how the DORNER workflow engine can be used to build exactly these bridges. We were able to map the requirements that were placed on us, e.g. treatment documentation or medication, to our complete satisfaction. The result is an independent application called EPAplus.

Video series

EPA in use

Monika Kummer, director of the regional prison in Bern, accompanies this series of videos about EPAplus in action.

see the video
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Here you will find all important information summarized in a brochure.

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