Medical billing DORNER Billing in the Munich leukaemia laboratory

The Munich Leukaemia Laboratory is a leading international provider of leukaemia diagnostics. For the billing of more than 100,000 examined cases per year, they used our i/med Billing.

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kern, founder and managing director of MLL Munich Leukaemia Laboratory, reveals why in this video:

Medical billing is anything but trivial with different billing types via different catalogues and not infrequently in dependencies on various factors. With over 100,000 cases per year, MLL also presents us with a considerable quantitative challenge:

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kern: The MLL Munich Leukaemia Laboratory is a specialised laboratory dedicated to the diagnosis of haematological neoplasms to the full extent that is methodically required. We attach great importance to being scientifically up to date, to applying diagnostics according to the latest findings and to using technologies that meet the most modern standards.

How do you settle up?

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kern: We have a highly individualised laboratory information system that is unique in the world. It was developed individually for us and is constantly being further developed. It digitally covers all of our ongoing examination processes, from incoming samples to outgoing findings. And the services are also stored here, so that they are basically available for the preparation of an invoice. We then have to merge these with a billing software that meets the corresponding specifications, especially those of the EBM.

Why external accounting software?

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kern: For health insurance billing, the billing system used must be certified by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. This certification must also be recertified regularly. There are constant updates, and these have to be implemented. That is why we decided to use external software that is able to work with our laboratory information system on a daily basis and without complications via interfaces.

KBV certification is a decisive criterion for most of our customers. What else did you attach importance to in the decision-making process?

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kern: Yes. E.g. billing channels. The invoice recipients or the recipients of the invoices are quite different: Starting with the KV (health insurance) in our case the KV of Bavaria, which receives our quarterly invoice every quarter according to the corresponding EBM specification. Then hospitals, which receive invoices according to GOÄ for the patients treated by them as inpatients. Or outpatients treated in hospitals according to § 16b. All the way to private patients who themselves receive the invoice from us and then forward it to the private health insurance company. And for all these different billing channels, we need individually tailored processes to be able to issue the invoice quickly and correctly in routine.

And that's why you chose our DORNER Billing for medical billing?

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kern: With i/med Billing from DORNER Health IT Solutions it works very well! - The software was set up three years ago. According to our specifications. Since then, new requirements have been jointly developed, e.g. when billing methods have to be adapted. The cooperation with DORNER works very well and efficiently.

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