Freiburg Medical Laboratory in Dubai

Testimonial from a satisfied customer

What you may not have known yet: We are an internationally active company. The Freiburg Medical Laboratory in Dubai has been our customer for almost 20 years and works 24/7 with our software. Dr Michaela Jaksch, Managing Director and Medical Director, was kind enough to give us a little insight into her routine.

Dr Michaela Jaksch: We are a medical diagnostic laboratory and offer all kinds of special examinations, but also routine examinations. We receive samples from private clinics, polyclinics and hospitals and also have many patients who come to us. So we do the tests that are requested.

How long have you been using our software solutions?

Dr Michaela Jaksch: We have been using the DORNER software for 18 years. I think it's even more than 18 years - it was 19. When I came to the lab, which had already been in existence for a year, the DORNER system was already installed and we have been using it ever since.

After almost 20 years of use, what spontaneously comes to mind about our applications?

Dr Michaela Jaksch: They are very user-friendly! That is definitely in comparison to other software. User-friendliness is very important and everyone who works with the DORNER software is very satisfied, even if sometimes there are reminders of the German origin, everyone still likes it.