Hello Workflow!

With our DORNER Workflow Engine, or in short our Workflow, we extend our own standard solutions, but also those of other suppliers, in case of special requirements of individual customers, thanks to interfaces with which almost all devices and third party software can be connected.

Clearly structured sub-processes such as online anamnesis or master data analysis were mapped in the same way as entire institutes in sports medicine or forensic medicine with patient management, evidence object management and everything else that goes with it.

Thanks to its component-based architecture, which comprises well over 500 modules, this can be done comparatively quickly, as is the case with the

Civil Protection App shows.

And actually it is not a solution that we have explicitly offered so far, but rather the toolbox with which we create solutions and which we deliver with the solutions created with it.

Michael is one of our most experienced product managers and project leaders and has kindly agreed to introduce our toolbox to them.