IT solutions for healthcare challenges

Efficient laboratory information systems, industry solutions, management information and billing systems, tools for statistics, project and resource planning up to Easy Order Entry, electronic patient files and a web-based patient portal are only a few examples of DORNER applications.

Quality management and document management - [i/med] Q/Docs

Document management system for any organizational form for the administration of QM documents including release and versioning. The documents are managed in accordance with ISO standards. All changes to documents are fully logged and traceable.

[i/med] Q/Docs - Quality management without detours

In many companies the laboriously introduced QM system leads a shadowy existence. Documents are difficult to access, hidden in folder structures or only accessible via a special system. Experience how [i/med] Q/Docs breathes new life into your QM system and finally makes your documents easily accessible.


Data transfer

All beginnings are easy, at least with [i/med] Q/Docs. Use one of our complete packages and many important QM documents are already waiting for you after your login. Or you can import your existing folder structure including all documents into [i/med] Q/Docs with just one click. It's that simple.


Clearly arranged surface

Thanks to the simple, clear user interface, you do not need a long training period. Important processes such as tracking changes take place automatically in the background.


Microsoft Office integration

You continue to create your documents as usual in Microsoft Word, with one small difference: All data from [i/med] Q/Docs is available in Word with one click. For example, you can easily insert the current revision or the editor into your documents automatically.