More time for the essential through software

Online medical histories. Prescriptions for laboratory and internal examinations with integrated scheduling. Clear presentation of laboratory values and clinical courses with integration into a powerful physician letter writing system. Document-based validation of findings. Transmission of findings.

Less administration = more time for patients

Capture of anamnesis via tablet or website. Prescriptions of laboratory and practice-internal examinations with integrated appointment planning. Clear presentation of laboratory values and clinical processes with integration into a simple and, thanks to rules and regulations, efficient doctor's letter writing. Transfer of findings to colleagues and patients.

LIMS for genetics - [i/med] Genetics

[i/med] Genetics: The LIMS for human genetics, pathogenetics, oncology, forensics, fertility centres, prenatal diagnostics, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, etc. The system covers the special requirements in genetics, including the latest methods such as NGS.

[i/med] Genetics - The LIMS for genetic testing

The outstanding solution for the human genetics laboratory. The laboratory management system [i/med] Genetics is used in innovative and leading laboratories in Germany. This solution for the human genetics laboratory adapts to the situation of a laboratory according to requirements, can be easily integrated into the existing IT landscape and meets the high and visionary requirements of a laboratory.

DORNER Health IT Solutions, in cooperation with its customers, has developed an integrative laboratory system, which is specially tailored to laboratories that offer human genetic analyses or wish to expand their portfolio in this direction.

Our solution offers the unique opportunity to optimally coordinate and automate sample management with human genetic reporting. Furthermore, you can directly implement private and health insurance accounting with our accounting module. This is already adapted to the telematic infrastructure (TI).

[i/med] Genetics is thus a system that maps the complete workflow of your laboratory. This is an absolute novelty today and makes [i/med] Genetics the perfect complete solution for your gene laboratory.

Workflow-based application software - [i/med] Workflow

[i/med] Workflow ensures that all processes are centrally integrated and adapted to your working methods. The user himself has the possibility to adapt the system to new circumstances.

Web-based toolbox for the health care sector

[i/med] Workflow has been the technological basis for innovative DORNER solutions of today and tomorrow for many years.

With the DORNER Workflow Engine complex work and communication processes can be comfortably mapped by software and individual processes can be directly interlocked. Thus, established systems can be easily supplemented with individual solutions and this across all interfaces. In this way, new treatment methods can be quickly established in a dynamic environment, for example.

We currently have a pool of more than 600 modules and hundreds of finished workflow templates. This has resulted in solutions for entire specialist areas such as forensic medicine, toxicology, stem cell laboratory, leukemia laboratory, human genetics, FACS laboratory, oncology, forensics, etc. for over 9000 active specialist users.

Another advantage is that the customer always has the possibility to adapt the system to new conditions. DORNER offers training courses for the administration. This enables the customer to adapt the components of the DORNER Workflow Engine himself. However, many issues have already been implemented and can be delivered as standard modules.

Does your institution have complex work processes that you would like to depict centrally? With [i/med] you can extend your system with any modules and create a digital mirror of your internal processes - cross-departmental and browser-based.

The software for inpatient and outpatient billing - [i/med] Billing

In the DORNER accounting software you can freely define complex if-then-rules on the basis of the usual tariffs and codes (EBM, GOÄ, UV-GOÄ, GOZ, IGEL, BG, OPS, DRG, ...) and flexibly adjust them to your specific house conditions.

[i/med] Billing - KV-certified billing software for all services in the health sector

[i/med] Billing supports you with the billing of all inpatient and outpatient services for medical facilities (Germany) as well as with outpatient medical billing for Austria and Switzerland.

The simple program logic ensures that even very complex accounting structures are mapped without any problems.

[i/med] Billing covers all legal requirements regarding documentation and transparency of your communication and billing data, e.g. according to § 301 SGB V and § 21 KHEntgG. It is suitable for mass data, multi-client capable and can be used across locations, e.g. for laboratory networks, joint practices or MVZs.

Via an integrated invoice management and the optional reminder module [i/med] Bookkeeper, incoming payments are automated, compared with open invoice amounts and corresponding reminder runs are initiated.

[i/med] Billing is KV certified.

The DORNER PPA billing is PPA-certified for all outpatient record types and thus covers health insurance billing for specialists, hospitals and laboratory associations. [i/med] Billing automatically updates all catalogs according to the quarterly updates of the insurance physician associations.

Our approval number: Y/1/1211/38/409

Scheduling and resource planning - [i/med] Organizer

[i/med] Organizer supports you in your scheduling and resource planning. Based on predefined templates and internally available resources, you can clearly plan your work processes and release defined appointment windows for online booking to the outside world.

[i/med] Organizer - The medical appointment book

The appointment calendar for practice and laboratory can be used internally for resource planning and organising appointments, e.g. from the perspective of the laboratory or medical practice in which [i/med] Organizer is installed: Here the full range of functions and all options of the calendar are available for appointment planning. Appointments can be created and changed quickly and easily using Drag & Drop. The overview is ensured by different masks and appointment views.

For each external request, the [i/med] Organizer system internally checks resources such as available employees, rooms or materials for availability. Only if all required resources are available, the appointment is displayed externally as a freely bookable time window. In case of internal bookings resource conflicts can be ignored consciously after a corresponding warning message.

[i/med] Organizer is web-based. This means that the appointment calendar can be used online at any time via PC, tablet or smartphone and can also be accessed by external partners directly from their hospital or doctor information system.

The electronic patient file - [i/med] EPA

The electronic patient file in a hospital, laboratory or doctor/health network, as a referral portal for the follow-up treatment of discharged hospital patients by registered doctors or in any other conceivable variation of integrated care.

[i/med] EPA Electronic health record

The [i/med] EPA is like all products based on the DORNER Workflow Engine a web-based application. I.e. the application itself is hosted on a web server, while the clients with which one accesses it are common browsers that one knows as soon as one uses the internet: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, etc.

So you log in at the beginning as you would log in on, for example, a social media platform, a webmail service or online banking.

From then on, the [i/med] EPO can be used in its full functional scope:

From the recording of anamnesis data, scanned documents and initial interviews of the examiners, through preoperative diagnostics with the request for laboratory analyses and presentation of laboratory findings, to therapy such as operation reports, medication and the classic vital data curve. In addition, essential doctor's letters and handover reports are an integral part of the DORNER patient file.

A sophisticated rights and role concept enables the interdepartmental treatment of patients.

The electronic order entry - [i/med] Order Entry

Electronic laboratory requirement. Recording of performance requirements at the submitter for all departments. Individual and freely definable mask design depending on the sender or sender groupings.

[i/med] Order Entry - Secure laboratory requirement

Via the browser-based application [i/med] Order Entry, medical institutions can exchange data at different locations and on different media. The classic application is the communication between medical practices and laboratories to request laboratory orders: The examination and billing relevant patient data is transferred directly from the physician or hospital information system to the laboratory system. On the way back, the laboratory data and medical findings are imported into the requesting system so that the attending physician can use them for consultation and therapy.

In each program you will find many simple and practical additional modules that support your workflow, whether on the ward, in the laboratory or in the doctor's practice. For example, [i/med] Office Integration: The application integrates new functions into the main menu bar of Microsoft Office Word or other programs and thus accelerates the creation of doctor's letters and other documents.

The security of sensitive patient data is always guaranteed thanks to the latest security and encryption technologies (e.g. https, SSL and PGP).

Quality management and document management - [i/med] Q/Docs

Document management system for any organizational form for the administration of QM documents including release and versioning. The documents are managed in accordance with ISO standards. All changes to documents are fully logged and traceable.

[i/med] Q/Docs - Quality management without detours

In many companies the laboriously introduced QM system leads a shadowy existence. Documents are difficult to access, hidden in folder structures or only accessible via a special system. Experience how [i/med] Q/Docs breathes new life into your QM system and finally makes your documents easily accessible.


Data transfer

All beginnings are easy, at least with [i/med] Q/Docs. Use one of our complete packages and many important QM documents are already waiting for you after your login. Or you can import your existing folder structure including all documents into [i/med] Q/Docs with just one click. It's that simple.


Clearly arranged surface

Thanks to the simple, clear user interface, you do not need a long training period. Important processes such as tracking changes take place automatically in the background.


Microsoft Office integration

You continue to create your documents as usual in Microsoft Word, with one small difference: All data from [i/med] Q/Docs is available in Word with one click. For example, you can easily insert the current revision or the editor into your documents automatically.

Mobile, web-based findings display - [i/med] Info

The DORNER findings display is ideally suited for clinics and private laboratories as well as for medical, hygiene and laboratory professionals to safely view findings and documents of their patients.

Clearly arranged online access to laboratory results - Display of findings on the [i/med] Web

Easy navigation through the data sets thanks to an extensive search function using various criteria. In a clearly arranged tree structure, the results are differentiated by department (e.g. as cumulative findings, antibiogram histories, blood reserves or pathology findings, etc.)

The report layout can be individually adapted and freely designed using the form generator.

Authorised external systems can access [i/med] Web directly and securely via hyperlink (URL call). The request mask can be called up directly from the doctor or hospital information system using the [i/med] DirectConnect module. In the daily workflow the user usually does not notice any change between the systems.

[i/med] Web is operated via a standard browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari and can therefore be used across locations via PC and mobile devices. A set of rules with rights assignment in the background in combination with security protocols ensures that sensitive patient data is always protected.

Digital online medical history sheet - [i/med] Anamnesis

Save paper and time. Call up all anamnesis data online before visiting the practice and save them in the digital patient file. Save time for you and your patients and allow them both the comfort of a digital online anamnesis.

Online treatment questionnaire - all data fully integrated into your patient file

The catalogue of questions can be accessed via a web browser or via a QR code on a tablet. Patients can enter the data directly online or in the practice via iPad. The interface is intuitive and the patient can use a touch screen to communicate the state of health or e.g. chronic diseases. The recording can be realized on mobile devices with Windows, iOS or Android. In addition, the collection is carried out in a secure mode, so that the patient cannot access any external data. Data entry is possible in several languages. You can store various forms and also create your own questionnaires. Furthermore, questions can be linked dynamically and photos or videos can be integrated.

In addition, electronic signatures can be used in accordance with § 127 BGB for form-free agreements. You have the option of long-term archiving, as the documents comply with the appropriate PDF/A format. Thus, your documents are readable at any time and cannot be manipulated after signing.