CoronaWarnApp - DEMIS, sample 10C and OEGD unused potential?

Why doesn't CoronaWarnApp inform the users about the test result,...

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[X/Lab] - Work lists

In the laboratory, countless tasks arise daily. In order not to lose track...

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[X/Lab] - Order(input)

In principle everything starts with an order in the X/Lab. In this video...

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#DMEAsparks - Virtual Digital Exhibition

Welcome to the exhibition room of DORNER Health IT Solutions for the...

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[X/Lab] - Login

When registering in our LIMS there are a whole range of settings,...

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Sort targets for LIMS [X/Lab] for the clinical

ToDo lists for workstations? Whether manual workstations or those with...

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16. - 18.06.2020

DMEA DIGITALConnecting Digital Health -Europe's most important trade fair and congress for digital healthcare


Until the end of August

all attendance events are cancelled for the time being.

8. - 12.2020

Further events will follow.