With DORNER OneTest we have created a web-based app that allows patients to book analyses directly with you. You send the validated findings to the patient's smartphone in compliance with DSGVO - electronically and automatically.

The patient as client

DORNER OneTest offers you the possibility to offer your services directly to patients

The patient data is quickly and easily recorded and transmitted encrypted to the LIS via the DORNER OneSecure module

Once the analysis is completed, your LIS transmits the findings data back to DORNER OneSecure. The data is encrypted and stored for download on the findings server DORNER OneResult. The patient is informed about the provision of the findings.

DORNER OneTest - The modules at a glance

The DORNER One Web-App

The web app developed by us within the framework of DORNER OneTest is called from your website or via link from your social media channels. As a web app, it works without problems with all common browsers and on all operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and more).

The connection to your LIS is done by configuration or installation of DORNER OneSecure in your company.

The One Web-App can be designed and customized according to your CI.

DORNER OneSecure

Once the patient has booked an analysis and entered his or her data, OneTest encrypts the patient's data, SecureOne reads it and sends it to your LIS. A token is also generated that allows the patient to track their order and identify themselves later to download the results.

In the lab, SecureOne decrypts the data for further processing in your LIS.

DORNER OneResult

On the findings server DORNER OneResult the patient can, similar to the Track & Trace of modern parcel service providers, get an overview of the current status of the analysis. This avoids time-consuming telephone calls according to the current status. The patient has received access to OneResult by email after the completion of his order.

After the data of the validated findings have been transferred by the DORNER OneSecure to the findings server OneResult, the patient receives a notification and a PIN, which is transmitted via a second communication channel, e.g. SMS. Now the patient can download his findings.

As soon as the findings have been downloaded, the patient can delete his findings from OneResult. If he does not do this, the findings are automatically deleted after 30 days. The order is now complete.

Further possibilities of the DORNER OneTest


Payment function via PayPal, instant bank transfer,
Payment with credit card or other providers possible.


Of course, the dispatch of removal packages can be integrated into DORNER OneTest. This means that your customers do not even have to go to your front door to give you the sample of their choice. analysis at your disposal.

Calendar function

To make the utilization of your laboratory as efficient as possible, DORNER OneTest allows the integration of a calendar function. Here you can store time slots in which patients can come to the laboratory for acceptance.