With DORNER OneTest we have created a web-based app that allows patients to book analyses directly with you. You send the validated findings securely to the patient's smartphone - electronically and automatically.



Your direct line to patients

With the DORNER OneWebApp you can offer your services directly to patients. You not only save valuable time in processing the data, but also gain in data quality.

Thanks to its concentrated range of functions, simple usability and multilingual design, the DORNER OneWebApp is ideal for a wide range of users. In this way, you can offer patients a modern service for all aspects of their laboratory order.

The components DORNER OneTest, DORNER OneSecure and DORNER OneResult are easy to install and configure - and completely system-independent.


Clear - comfortable - easy to use

DORNER OneTest is a laboratory portal that allows patients to order analyses directly from you.

The lab portal, which can be completely designed and customized according to your CI, is accessed directly from your website or social media channels and works with all popular browsers and operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux & more).

By installing DORNER OneSecure, the laboratory portal is connected to your LIS / LIMS.


Allow patients to pay via PayPal, instant bank transfer, credit card and other payment methods. This eliminates the need for on-site payment.

Thanks to the calendar function, intelligent utilization of your laboratory is possible. You can provide patients with time slots for booking collection appointments.

DORNER OneSecure

The interface

DORNER OneSecure decrypts the data received for further processing in your LIS / LIMS and generates a PIN, which is made available to patients either by SMS or email.

With PIN and token, patients can track their
analysis and download the findings.

After validated analysis, DORNER OneSecure encrypts the findings and stores them on a server for downloading.

DORNER OneResult

Your findings portal for your customers

DORNER OneResult provides patients with an overview of the current status of the analysis, similar to the track & trace principle of modern parcel service providers.

When the validated report has been provided, DORNER OneResult informs the patients, who can then view and download their report with PIN & Token.

The findings data are deleted after a freely configurable period of time.


OneTest Web App

An app for lab tests? - Arrange an examination directly with the laboratory and get the result on your smartphone!

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DORNER OneTest in the Rothen laboratory in Basel

Thanks to our DORNER OneTest, clients at the Rothen laboratory in Basel independently record their personal data on the laboratory order using their own smartphone.

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User test

We had our products DORNER OneTest and DORNER OneResult tested by Custom Medical, a specialist in usability and user experience for medical products, by 6 test persons aged 24 to 66 for usability and user-friendliness.

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