THORNpooling module

Even before the first lockdown, we at DORNER have been working daily on solutions to ease the new challenges with Sars-CoV-2. With our Pooling Module, we have developed a process that enables laboratories to multiply their capacities.

Pooling - controversial opportunity

The pooling method has been used for decades, for example in veterinary medicine or in the context of blood donation. Nevertheless, concerns that have arisen in terms of sensitivity have been refuted in recent studies with pools of up to 30 samples.

Pooling enables laboratories to multiply their test capacities and thus cope with the flood of tests - whether 3 or 30 samples - pooling presents laboratories with new challenges in workflow and handling.

With our Pooling Module we offer you a reliable partner at your side!

Multiply your capacities

The DORNER Pooling Module

The DORNER Pooling Module is a software module that can be used flexibly and independently of existing IT infrastructure. Order and data import is possible via all common interfaces and documents.

After the import, patients are automatically created, orders generated and corresponding barcodes printed.

Thanks to our module you can now reliably create, monitor and edit pools. Of course, the interaction with LIS/LIMS, or directly with devices
(PCR sequencers, pooling machines) are guaranteed.

And the best of all: via DORNER OneSecure the results can be sent automatically to the sender and/or, in combination with DORNER OneResult, directly to the tested person.

Don't waste any time.

Pool Handling

The DORNER Pooling Module

You can pool orders automatically according to certain logics (for example, sender-dependent pool sizes) or create pools manually.
Alternatively, pools can be created via interfaces of automats
can be transferred or created.

When you issue the pooling order to LIMS or the automated system, the pooled samples wait in the background for the result.

If the pooling order result is negative, the individual samples are automatically marked negative -
If the result is positive, the following samples are taken for each
Orders issued to LIMS/device

Final results can be sent automatically as collective reports to the respective senders. Via the web-based DORNER OneResult tested persons can be informed directly.


FurtherTHORN WINsin the fight against Corona

Excerpt of some implemented projects since the lockdown:

  • Tests at the airport - same day results
    Tested persons get, as soon as a result
    is available, an SMS with link & login is automatically sent
    To the result log
  • Automatic reporting and transmission
    to the health authorities in DACH
  • Mobile sampling in tents, trucks, etc.
  • Screening of entire nursing homes, high-rise buildings
    as well as companies (with e.g. over 3,000
    employees at 6 test stations)

The system automatically creates patients,
Orders generated and corresponding barcodes printed

Excel files can be imported directly into the
DORNER Pooling Module can be imported.

Senders such as daycare centres, schools, sports clubs
Experience shows that companies or nursing homes use
MS Excel for recording patient and test data

Data import directly from
Sample10C and sampleÖGD scan
(Corona warning app)

GKV card reader
manually via input mask
Automated off
Health data systems
Interfaces, or Order Entry

Of course also full
Scope of functions of the
professional, electronic
Order entry of external
Sender like mobile
Points of delivery over

Automated transmission
positive results over
via DEMIS interfaces and
to RKI Corona warning app server

Sample notes according to-
perceived input masks

DORNER Trust Center in use

Example: Coronatest at the airport

Passengers can be dropped off at the point of delivery
test at the airport

Mobile phone number for SMS
Signature of the declaration of consent
Obtaining the ID for the trust center

Sample goes to the laboratory for analysis

Analysis results

Encrypted storage of the findings in the Trust Center
Automated SMS dispatch to travelers
with link and PIN for the trust center

Communication between delivery point on
Airport, travelers and university laboratory to
all rules of the DSGVO


Laboratory results per SMS

Dr. Achim Reckmann, Managing Director of the MVZ of the University Medical Center Mainz, about the laboratory findings by SMS

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DORNER Pooling Module

Here you will find all important information summarized in a brochure.

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