Patient mix-ups are one of the biggest error rates in hospitals. With "scan2", these are a thing of the past when taking material for the laboratory. The handy device is hardly bigger than a smartwatch and can be worn on the wrist in the same way.

Material removal at the patient's bedside without risk of confusion

A significant proportion of the so-called critical incident reports in hospitals are due to patient mix-ups. Even if most reports are not critical, there are unfortunately still too many dramatic cases.

In order to significantly increase patient safety, we have developed a small device in cooperation with a customer, with which patients, staff and materials can be scanned and checked for correctness directly at the hospital bed.

The touch display automatically shows the link between patient:in and material, eliminating confusion.

The date and time of sampling are automatically documented for the laboratory order.

Technically fully integrated

Technologically, "scan2" relies on a mini PC that is connected to the WLAN. It directly accesses the central DORNER platform [i/med]. There it reads the necessary data and stores its information.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, "scan2" can be used wirelessly. Its compact design even allows it to be worn on the wrist.

Thanks to its magnetic underside, the device can be attached to both the business trolley and the matching wristband.

The integrated barcode scanner completes this all-in-one solution and thus creates maximum flexibility for the required bedside application.