Cooperation in medical billing - DORNER Billing in MLL

Installation and done? - The requirements for our IT solutions usually do not end with the successful installation. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kern, founder and managing director of MLL Münchner Leukämielabor, reports first-hand on what working with us looks like in concrete terms. Using the example of our software for medical billing [i/med] Billing, which is updated quarterly. A MUST for KBV certification and ultimately for health insurance billing.

What does the cooperation with us look like from your point of view?

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kern: The cooperation with the company DORNER in the further development of the application essentially starts with a new requirement that we receive: A new need to design the invoice, a new need to transmit the invoice, etc. We take this as an opportunity to contact the relevant person at DORNER, discuss the new requirements with them and outline a possible solution. When this has been sketched out and is approved by both sides, it is implemented and validated on our side and then adopted in daily practice. This is a routine process that we have contested many times and it works very well.

How do you remember the installation process?

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kern: When we think back to the time when we installed the whole system, there was of course very intensive cooperation. On the one hand, of course, with the employees of DORNER and, on the other hand, between our IT and our application developers. This not only concerned the programming of the interface to our self-developed LIMS, but also the installation of the DORNER software on a server in our own computer centre.

And how do you think that worked out?

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Kern: The installation? - Smoothly. It was important that everyone had their tasks precisely defined beforehand. DORNER defined what the IT requirements were and how the interfaces had to be defined. Especially the interaction between our system IT and application development as well as DORNER worked very well, which is why [i/med] Billing was installed within a relatively short time.

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